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How bad is energy drinks really, and how does it effect your body?
Let’s take a look and find out more…

Energy Drinks

Fuel your body with quality, not quantity!

The most popular ingredient in all energy drinks is off course caffeine. Caffeine is used in excessive amounts when it comes to energy drinks. If we take a look at other drinks like caffeinated sodas, we will see that energy drinks almost has 9 times the amount compare to a regular sodas. Just think of what that extended amount of caffeine can do to your body! It is as good as drinking about 9 cans of your favorite caffeinated soda at just one intake. All this caffeine is not good for your body and can cause restlessness, headaches, making you irritated and even cause sleeping problems along the way.

Energy drinks also usually contain allot of sugar and we all know that too much sugar can play a negative part on our bodies. These energy drinks are usually loaded with sugars that is way above your normal healthy daily intake limit. Now, keep in mind calories that is not burned turns into fat. When you eat or drink more calories than you burn, your body will store the fat. Not only may it increase in your body’s fat and cause obesity, but it can also lead to bad cavities, costing you allot more. Take note that energy drinks is NOT part of a healthy balanced diet. Try to avoid these energy drinks if you can and stick to something healthy that will BENEFIT you in the long run.

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