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Lose the Weight and Maintain it!

It’s almost sometimes easier to lose the weight than maintain that ideal weight. Here is a few common ways to help you keep that attractive summer body and remain slim.


If you are serious about losing weight and keeping off the pounds you lost, you must first start by getting your mindset focused. When your mind is not constantly focused on doing the right exercises and eating the right food and snacks, you can easily sway and cave into that sweet little snack everyone is having at a birthday party or family occasion. After such an event or occasion, you usually feel disappointed when you failed to stick to your healthy eating plan and wish you never ate that desirable treat. This can also cause many to quit and just give up on their healthy eating plan.


Having self-control is the most essential key to losing weight and keeping it off.

Living a healthy lifestyle means creating healthy habits, knowing there are some habits we are going to need to change. Be that as it may, change isn’t generally fun, however it can be energizing when you begin to see the change your new habits will bring you. You can start small and add new habits as you progress, for example, cutting out sodas and replacing it with infused or naturally flavored water  is a good start.

On the off chance that you are a person that likes to eat late night snacks, try to get your mind set and focused to cut out those late night habits completely. If you for some reason just can’t resist that tempting late night urge, try snacking on some raw vegetables, like carrots instead.

There are allot of bad habits we can start changing to live a healthier lifestyle sometimes we just need to take small steps to maintain an ideal level.

girl cliff climbing

Exercise is of course a great cornerstone to maintain and even improve your weight-loss along with a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise will help increase your metabolism and burn those unwanted calories. Always try and keep a balance by burning about the same amount of calories that you take in.

Doing regular exercise will also help increase your energy levels and will leave you feeling more energized for a longer period of time. It will also help improve your mood with the ‘feel good’ hormones it releases after every workout.

girl sleeping

Getting enough sleep is essential for your body. Most people these days don’t get enough sleep, that negatively effects their attitude and behavior. It also effects their awareness and their energy levels, making the days less radiant.

The lack of sleep can also cause your body to ‘crave’ more snacks depriving you of the much needed healthy energy you need to function correctly day-to-day. This can lead to unwanted weight gain that can leave you feeling depressed and result in you quitting your healthy eating and exercise plan.

Make sure you get the correct amount of sleep in and keep a good sleep habit in check.

girl with coffee relaxing

Stress can also play a major part in your overall health. Try to avoid stress whenever you can and keep your mind set to that positive attitude. Personally, I always try to look for the positive and good in all situations, it brings a sense of calmness to me.

Making a change in habit and behavior can increase a more positive outlook, especially with the curves life sometimes throws at us. But in result to making a positive change, we bring more joy to our lives and putting smiles on others where it was not expected, not to say the sense of sweet calmness benefiting your body.

Stress can break your body down in so many unhealthy ways. This bad seed causes obesity and can lead to diabetes in many cases. It can also lead to heart disease and high blood pressure which is one of the most common effects of stress. You have to teach yourself to mold to your new way of thinking and completely eliminate stress all together.

Change is not always easy or pleasant, but ones you are use to your new habits, it is easy to maintain and continue.

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Start a healthy lifestyle and gain a new positive outlook on your health and overall well-being, I’ve always liked the saying; “What you put in, is what you get out.” In other words, what you eat and how you take care of yourself will ultimately define positive or negative results of such habits.

Make a decision today and say, ‘I will, I can and I shall achieve’ a better more positive outlook on life and take control of my habits and also how it effects my mind, body and soul!  

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