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Eating and Fitness!

Here is some great Fitness and Healthy Eating tips you can easily follow along with videos for you and your kids.

Healthy Foods for a better you!

Breakfast Bowl!

When it comes to kids they all have their own taste and preferences. Make sure you serve a variety of foods and small portions of each, that way it can ensure they get the nutrition that is essential for them to grow healthy. Here are two wonderful smoothie ideas, orange smoothie and banana smoothie, that are full of vitamins and minerals kids love to enjoy!  

cup of milk

Fat Free Milk!

Make sure that your kids get plenty of fluids to drink, but be careful drinking too much before a meal. Water, non-fat milk or low fat milk are great options for both kids and adults to consume on a regular basis.

Healthy Foods for a better you!

Healthy Snacks!

Healthy snacks are very important, make sure you provide snacks that will give your child the nutrients and energy he or she needs. Here are a few healthy snacks you can serve:

carrot slices, apple slices, cucumber slices, watermelon, strawberries, banana, oranges, cherry tomatoes, kiwi

…and so many more you can choose from!

Watch this educational fruit and vegetable video with my son Tristan, and see the fruit and vegetables come alive in this fun family video:

As you can see in the video above, kids love to participate in picking out their own fruit and vegetables. By keeping your kids involved will encourage them and make them feel valued, and that their thoughts and decisions are important. This is especially helpful when you have little ones, it keeps them entertained and makes shopping much more manageable and fun.

kids playing baseball

Kids Sports!

Encourage your children to be more physically active. Find out what kind of sport or activities child enjoys and uplift them with positive words. Kids have more courage to participate in a sport or activity if they know they have the dedicated support from their family and friends. Set some active time for you and your kids to enjoy together as well.

Here are a few awesome exercise videos parents can enjoy with their children, just pick & click the one you like:

In addition, here are a few outdoor activities that can help keep you and your children active together:

⋅ Hiking
⋅ Dancing
⋅ Walking
⋅ Jogging
⋅ Running
⋅ Swimming
⋅ Bicycling
⋅ Kids Aerobics
⋅ Playing Tennis
⋅ Yard work and Gardening
⋅ Mowing Lawn with Hand Mower
⋅ Playing Basketball or Soccer
⋅ Playing at the Playground

Physical activity and healthy eating is essential for every growing kid!

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Healthy Drink

ERFR Chocolate Protein Smoothie

This amazing, good tasting smoothie will help build your muscles and strengthen your bones, cartilage and skin. A well balanced eating plan containing protein can also help your body feel full and reduce the feelings of hunger.

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roasted carrots

Healthy Honey-Roasted Carrots

Healthy honey roasted carrots is a great add on to any meal and the whole family can enjoy it. These yummy carrots are so easy to prepare and it is great to quiet that sweet tooth.

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