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Foods That Cause
Bloating and Constipation!

tummy ache

Bloating and constipation can be embarrassing and painful to many people!

Suffering from constipation can be embarrassing and painful. By avoiding certain foods can majorly improve that painful experience. Let’s take a look at some food types that cause bloating and is very bad for you if you suffer from constipation.



Beans is a common food that causes bloating and constipation. They don’t say the words in vain when they say ‘beans beans the magical food, the more you eat, the more you toot.’ If your body does not get rid of that build-up gas it can cause extreme pain leaving you with uncomfortable constipation and bloating. Try avoiding this little pill of venom and stay free from the pain and discomfort it may cause you.


Healthy Vegetables

Any cauliflower foods is known to cause bloating and can therefore also cause the pain of constipation. There is so many healthy food you can make these days with cauliflower, but if your body doesn’t agree with it, it is best to steer clear of this pure vegetable.


Healthy Vegetables

Broccoli can also cause constipation, although there has been said not as harsh as cauliflower would. If you suffer from a sensitive digestive system it is best to replace this green veggie with something a little more subtle for your stomach.



Oh eggs, many say they feel terrible after eating eggs, where others say it helps their bowl movements.
It is such a great filler during breakfast time but can it contribute to constipation?
Professionals say a lack of fiber and fluid in your daily eating plan are more common to cause constipation than eating an egg or two. You determine for yourself, what does your body say after eating eggs?



Onions and indigestion does not always quite go along as planed. Your small intestine does not like to absorb this little tearjerker that can cause bloating, stomach pain, gas, diarrhea and constipation. If your stomach is one of the more sensitive ones, trying frying your onions very well or even cook fully, it might help lower the risk of the painful factors it can cause.

There are so many foods we need to look out for or even try to avoid when suffering from constipation. Some individuals have more sensitive stomachs then others, but that does not mean we can all jump free of the bloating some of these foods can cause. Be mind-full of what you eat and take note of what your body tells you.

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