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Can I Eat Poppy Seeds While Pregnant?!

This is a question that sure makes you wonder, but a well asked question indeed. I love eating poppy seeds on occasion, especially in my muffins. Recently I confirmed my third pregnancy that my family and I are ecstatic about. But now I am starting to think twise before I eat anything I am not sure of again. One of the questions that came to mind was the favorable poppy seeds. After a great study I found Poppy seeds is best to avoid during pregnancy, particularly during the first trimester.

Poppy seed picture bagel

When we are pregnant we have to take note of every single thing we eat, no matter how small. Everything we eat plays an effect in the growth and development of our unborn baby.

I found some safer alternatives in my research. Here is a list of some replacements you can enjoy, keep in mind to always consult your doctor of concerns about the food you consume while pregnant.


• Walnuts
Walnuts contains Fiber that helps with constipation or irregular stools. Omega 3, fatty acids and proteins can help with eye and brain development of your little fetus.


• Almonds
Almonds is great for heartburn during pregnancy and rich in iron, folic acid and calcium. Keep in mind if you are prone to allergies it is best to avoid nuts like these.


• Pistachios
This nut contains iron, calcium, potassium and folate providing nutrients you need for your healthy growing baby.

mixed nuts

*Hazel nuts
Hazel nuts contain Vitamin E, some B Vitamins and Minerals as well. The Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that helps protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Remember to keep a healthy limit on eating nuts especially during pregnancy. And if you are prone to allergies rather stay away from nuts and ask your doctor for a alternative instead.

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