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Spending Time with Your Kids and Exercising – Tiny Attitudes

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Spending Time with Your
Kids and Exercising!

There is so many amazing benefits to exercising with your kids. Kids are usually more active than most grown-ups and can therefore help you reach and progress your activity level.

ERFR Family

Tristán having fun at the park with his dad!

My family and I love spending time together going to the park and make it a family fun day. We pack our picnic basket and have our dinner there after a nice eventful/playful afternoon.

We usually kick some ball with our 4 year old or take bubbles along that he can run after and catch. One of our favorite activities/games we like to play is “Tag You’re It” in an open field or grass. This game can be more fun than you imagine, filled with lots or laughs and giggles as the one catches the other.

There’s truly so much we can do with our kids and stay active at the same time. These were just some of the examples we like to do when we go outside and just enjoy a nice family day, having fun and releasing some energy at the same time, besides the kids love it and so do we!

ERFR Family

Tristan chasing bubbles at the park on a warm summer day. 

Spending ‘active’ family time together is a great way for you and your family to bond and build a stronger relationship.

ERFR Family

What better way to gain exercise by simply having fun and playing with your kids!

Spending quality time with your kids will also help build their confidence and feeling more secure. Kids will always crave for their parents attention and spending time bonding with your child will only hold benefits for both you and your child.

ERFR Family

Walking on the beach or just purely around the block is refreshing and great exercise!

When going for a walk around the block with your kids, it is always good to make it interesting. I like to keep my kids motivated by illuminating the same routines over and over, unless they really like it. One of our most favorite things we like to do when walking around the block is running for four houses, then jogging for four houses and then walking for four houses and repeat. This is very inspiring and keeps myself and my kids active at the same time.

ERFR Family

Skateboarding around the block with dad can be so much fun!

Below I will list some more activities you and your kids can enjoy outside: 

⋅ Dancing

⋅ Hopping on one foot

⋅ Kicking a soccer ball

⋅ Making cartwheels

⋅ Passing a basketball

⋅ Playing catch

⋅ Taking a bike ride on a nature trail

ERFR Family

Kids will remember the quality time you spend with them, so put all else aside, and enjoy these precious moments you have with your children and make some memorable moments.

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