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Meet the Family – Tiny Attitudes

Tiny Attitudes    |   Healthy Eating

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Meet the Family!

ERFR Family

Hilda, Tristán, Bruce and Charmainé

Hi Everyone!

Meet the Eat Right Fit Right – Tiny Attitudes Family, starting from South Africa to America on this great adventure of fitness and health!

I was so excited to start my first blog! I kept thinking what my first post should be about…and then it came to me, I will start by introducing myself and my family to our readers.

In this blog I am going to share more of myself and my beautiful family, but first a little more about where my family and I am from.

I was born and raised in the Northern Cape of South Africa where my family still currently resides. In 2010 my husband and I found each other, and in 2011 he proposed and we got married later that same year. After about one year of marriage we relocated to the United States. Another year later we became pregnant with our son Tristán. You will see this active young man is in many of our kids fitness and health videos. He is very energetic and always full of jokes and surprises.

Charmainé is our soft spoken 16 year old, she loves spending time with family and friends and also plays a great part in the ‘Eat Right Fit Right’ store. She helps with the clothing design and studio set-up for the recording of the fitness and health videos.

My husband is my biggest support, we work together on all the videos,  he is our Chief Editor and I am the Assistant Editor helping with the rough draft editing. He also does all the graphic art work such as the backgrounds etc. and also videography, web-designing and web-editing, creating every section of our Eat Right Fit Right  website. It is so amazing when you have someone that shares the same passion as you, you truly enjoy your ‘dream come true’ so much more.

Here is a picture of our “Eat Right Fit Right – Tiny Attitides” family that I love to share with everyone!

ERFR Family

Be sure to watch our blog page as I will be posting many more pictures and updates of the family along the way.

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