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The Importance of Breakfast!

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The Importance of Breakfast!

Let’s talk about the most import meal of the day! Yes, you guessed it, breakfast!

Healthy Breakfast

Start your day  with a boost of energy!

We are going to start by first taking a look at why breakfast is so important and the benefits it has in store for us.

Healthy foods for a better you!

Full of goodness for a brand new day!

Breakfast is essential for higher energy levels to boost your day and break that long overnight fasting period. It also contains important nutrients your body needs to start your day out healthy. Not eating a healthy breakfast can cause you to be irritated and tired, therefore make sure you get a good healthy breakfast in everyday.

Healthy foods for a better you!

Try not to skip your morning breakfast, your brain needs it to function correctly. 

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast can sometimes obtain more calories than your other meals during the day, but these calories is not always necessarily bad for you, but can be good supporting your short term memory.  Be mindful of the amount you eat though, because too much calories is also not good for you, so try to get a well balanced breakfast in full of good nutrition your body needs to boost a healthy day.

There is so many examples of great healthy breakfasts you can have each day. Here you will find a few of my favorite examples of some of those healthy morning choices you can enjoy, and at the same time receive the nutrients you need.

healthy food for a better you!

Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Orange, Kiwi and Cashew

healthy food for a better you!

Greek Yogurt with
Fresh Fruit

healthy food for a better you!


healthy food for a better you!

Fruits and Granola

Healthy foods for a better you!

All-Bran Cereal, or Muesli

Brings some smiles to your day and eat that healthy breakfast your body and brain needs so much to start each day. Not only will you feel healthier, but you’re promoting a healthy new day for yourself and those around you with good balance and energy!

Featured Highlights

Healthy Food

Avocado and Spinach Toast

This is a easy 2-step recipe full of great nutrition for a splendid breakfast or lunch.
A healthy cuisine like this provides you with Iron, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Calcium and very low amounts of calories. 

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